Friday, June 4, 2021

Let's Chat - June 3 - Imagining the Future

Our last Let's Chat focused on what a future as an Affirming Ministry might look like at Kanata United.

We first talked about outward signs to our community. Ideas included rainbow crosswalks, inviting the community to use our outdoor space, signs, flags. Most of the ideas involved letting the community know that ours is a safe space. 

We moved inward, to how we might show inclusion in our physical space, our groups and committees, and our worship. Learning to use inclusive language, continuing our efforts with learning events, the Affirm table, the library, and symbols on the bulletin boards and in our worship spaces. Music has always had a big presence in our church community and this is another place we can show inclusion.

Moving outside our space, we tried to dream big. Ideas included advocacy for seniors, helping LTC workers understand the issues, working toward an inclusive retirement residence. We also talked about working with local schools to provide resources, and space. Refugee sponsorship for people in danger because of their sexual orientation. 

We also discussed whether being openly affirming might dissuade people from coming to our church. 

The Affirm Leadership Team would like to thank everyone who came to our "Let's Chat" sessions. You came, you talked, you were open and thoughtful.  The group was made up of a wide representation of the congregation, all ages, old faces, and new. We feel ready, now, to move ahead with our congregational meeting on June 13.

We ask that you read the letter that we sent out this week, and "come" to church on June 13, as we vote on becoming an Affirming Ministry.

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